Sunday, April 19, 2009

Anvil's Jarald

Now that Orville has been laid off work and he is home we have been getting the spring cleanup done.  All but one corral has been cleaned up and hauled out to the compost pile.  Almost have enough to level the yard out where the cabin is.  All the fields and yards have been harrowed with the tractor or using a small harrow with the quad. The plan is to do enough work on the horses we have in to do the rest of the harrowing with them.

After lunch I caught Jarald out in the field and he was so good coming through the gate and turning around so I could shut it quickly while keeping Reba and Mektig, who were determined to come as well, in where they belonged.
After giving Jarry his grain and a good grooming I went and found the mechanical hackmore I had borrowed to try on Jarry.  Orville put it on a headstall and put on Jarry.  He was a little confused at first but picked up the cues real quick once he figured out there was no bit.  Jarry has never really liked a bit when riding him so we thought we would try this.  Jarry sure has a nice canter in our 70x70' corral he was worked in.  Orville commented it was his best gait and I said that every winter when they come charging down the mountain side to come home for feeding Jarry and Weilew both always canter where most of the other horses will trot down.
He is nicely balanced and very comfortable in the corral working.  All his riding has been out on the trails not in small spaces. Jarry has not been ridden for about a year and went very well so Orville took him out and checked the 11 mares out on the mountain side. When Orville finished riding and took the bridle off, Jarry opened his mouth to have the bit removed.  Old habits die hard. Orville laughed and said not this time.  Looks like we have found a bridle Jarry is more comfortable with even though we had never used a mechanical hackamore before.

Back out to the field again and fighting off Reba as I caught Mektig and lead him through the gate.  Tied him up to the hitching rail and gave him his grain and a good grooming.  Orville switched his saddle from Jarry to Mektig and rode him in the corral for awhile working on transitions.  

Anvil's Acres
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